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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Ivy Creek Elementary

(Ivy Creek Elementary School)
This school moto is approximately 18" tall and 40' long.
It is painted above three built-in display cases
that line the main hall at this elementary school.

CUB cafe'
Welcome to the Ivy Creek Cafeteria!
These murals are approximately 2.5'x4.5'
and are over the double doors at the
enterance and exit to the cafeteria.

This Ivy was added freehand to a wall that had
been previously stenciled with the school's mission statement.
It served to unify the pre-existing lettering on the
wall and add a more personal touch to the crisp text.

Ivy Creek Scroll Mural

This Helen Keller quote is the 4th quote for
Ivy Creek Elementary. The students were
so excited to read each new word as the
mural was painted over several days.

The scroll has a 3-Dimensional feel as it
seems to unroll on the wall.
This mural is approximately 5'x4' and serves
to brighten the 3rd floor stairwell.

Monday, December 14, 2009

The writing on the wall...

No stencils...The text is hand lettered on the wall.
This text wraps throughout a stairwell landing
and is visible from multiple vantage points.
The color chosen is simply a shade darker than the
existing wall color and makes the quote unobtrusive
and very subtle in the neutral environment.

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Painted Signs

Girl's Bedroom

This girl's room is surrounded by alternating
stripes of yellow, green, pink, and cranberry.
The cranberry stripes even have white polka dots!
These are floor to ceiling, approximately 14' tall!
The window treatment and canopy valance
echo the cheerful color scheme.
Metal pots with flat backs in colors of
yellow, green, and white fill the wall over
window up to the vaulted ceiling. They
are filled with varying clusters of silk flowers.
An inexpensive recycled chandelier takes
on a new look when wrapped with a string
of iridescent pearl beads and adorned with
individually covered lamp shades!
The result is a fairytale lamp for a princess!
These lampshades are adorned with
beads, small flowers, and bows!

Boy's Skateboard Room Design

This room is red, blue, and khaki. It sports
a skateboard theme and utilizes them
throughout the room. There are
exciting things to see from
floor to the 14' ceilings!
Skateboards cut in half are mounted
around the room and appear to be
busting through the walls!
Skateboards in silhouette are painted
high and low around the entire room!
Skateboards are fashioned as floating shelves
and sheet metal adorns the valance
to add to the industrial look.
Skateboard truck parts are mounted
on the wall to serve as hanging hooks!

Boy's Car Room Design

Industrial shelving with labeled "tool" bins hold
books and steel garbage cans hold toys. The bright
orange wall is accent with "grease stained" areas,
and features hubcaps reaching to it's 14' peak!
The room was inspired by the blue and
orange miniature gas pump seen here atop
the dresser. The addition of street signs
and a caution light add to the car theme!
The orange and blue are repeated in the
comforter used on the steel loft bed.
Note the fan which was sprayed
silver and the flames painted on the blades.
The orange is echoed in the "road" across the vaulted
ceiling. It is then accented with more license plates
to match the dresser top! Finally, some out-grown
denim shorts are hung from a simple rod to
form some casual window dressing!