Watercolor Artist, Decorator, and Muralist

Friday, February 25, 2011

Illustrated Book

These are several of the images of original watercolor paintings that
I did for The Multi-colored Promise.
It is a children's book retelling the story of God's grace shown
to Noah and his family in the book of Genesis.

These are some of the images from a book that was authored by my cousin, Brenna Boring Phillips, and I had the pleasure of illustrating.
It is available through Amazon, or feel free to contact me for purchase information at jchamlee@yahoo.com.

Second Crest at Ivy Creek Elementary

The first Ivy Creek Crest is in the

Leadership Training Room

that is utilized for specific meetings.

However, the administration decided

they wanted their crest featured on

a more prominent wall in the school

for all to enjoy!

So, I rendered the crest a second time!

This one is approximately 5x7 and

is on a wall adjoining the new and the

old portions of the building.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ivy Creek Elementary Leadership Training Room

This hand painted border surrounds the room, and

draws your eye around the once blank classroom.

These two compass rose images are to the

left of the front white board.

They will serve as a backdrop

for the framed poster titled "Direction".

I projected this quote over the bulletin board
and freehanded it in black, brown, and white tones.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Ivy Creek Elementary School Crest

Approximately 5'x8', this is the crest for Ivy Creek Elementary School.
It is painted in their Leadership Training Room which will house numerous
staff training events, and area Administrator meetings.