Watercolor Artist, Decorator, and Muralist

Thursday, September 29, 2011

More Murals at Ivy Creek Elementary

This tree is about 12 feet tall and 8 feet
wide. It is in the Cafeteria hall at
Ivy Creek Elementary. It depicts
the "8 Healthy Habits".

This "i Lead" moto is painted on a wall

adjacent to the Ivy Creek Crest that I

painted last year. They are in similar

colors and tones in order to

compliment each other.

This mural is approximately

5 feet x 5 feet.

Burnette Elementary

Foyer Mural at Gwinnett County's

Burnette Elementary School.

Now in it's second year, this mural holds

the names of Burnette's opening year,

2010-2011, Students, Faculty, and Staff!

The goal was to capture the

Multi-Cultural nature of

Burnette's community.

This mural is roughly 12 feet x 16 feet.

There is one paw print for each grade,

Kindergarten through Fifth, as well

as one for the faculty and staff. In all,

approximately 1000 names are

represented, however many made it

on the wall twice!One certain male faculty member

claimed the little boy to be a

rendition of himself, while the

little red-head below could only

be called Isabelle!