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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Woodward Mill Elementary Media Center Mural

And the work begins...

What a change from

the blank, white walls! The following pictures document

the development of the

Woodward Mill Media

Center mural in the

chronological order

of it's development.

Enjoy as you follow

along with the progress!

My largest project yet!

At 14' tall, these walls were a challenge!

I spent 2 days atop

my 6' scaffoldingset at it's

highest setting. The sky was done

with a large roller for the

blue, and a 3" roller and

2" brush to add the white clouds.The ground and tree allowed me

to get back to a lower altitude!

Taking three days, I worked a

combination of green, black, brown, vegas

gold, and white onto the surface with

a 3" roller and 2" brush in combination. This antique barn was constructed

in a day, and is made up of

red, brown, black, white, and vegas gold

paint applied with a 3/4" angled brush. I have added a silo attached to the

right side of the barn, but have some

finishing touches still to add!

After that I'll be adding a

covered bridge, several trees, and

some surprise woodland animals!

Here's a shot of that completed

barn and silo...plus an inviting

shade tree equipped with a swing!

As promised...

a covered bridge over the creek!
These trees are perfect for climbing!
Perhaps they'll make a good

home for a bird or a squirrel!

That's a big change for

the Media Center's blank

walls several weeks ago!

Here's the big picture so far!

All that's left are a

couple of trees, some flowers, and

some various woodland animals!Here come the critters!

The fire alarm had to be

incorporated into the scene somehow...

and I didn't think the Fire Marshall

would want me to paint over it!

We'll see what he says about this!

Before advertising...and after!

I actually had one teacher

who was unfamiliar with

the "See Rock City" slogan!

This fawn still has her spots...

This grey squirrel has found a spot

to relax and enjoy a snack.

Here's the wall most of the kids have been waiting for!

The mascot for Woodward Mill

Elementary is the Bear Cub!

These guys have been sketched on the

wall for weeks! Now they live in the

tree by the main enterance to the

Media Center greeting all who come and go!

Those are azaleas under the

bullitin board and will soon

house a humming bird...

One more tree...

and another fire alarm

to disguise!

There's a deer family

by the pond in

the distance.

Phase I complete!

Wow! What a fun

project! I look forward

to revisiting the scene in

the fall as the woods, and

it's creatures, take over the

remaining half of the media center!

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  1. That is absolutely gorgeous!!!! WHat talent you have.