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Friday, March 2, 2012

Woodward Mill Media Center

This is the scene that welcomes you when you enter
The Woodward Mill Media Center.
It is the original Woodward Mill, located several
miles NE on Ivy Creek, as it appears today.
The Mill as it stood as a working mill is
depicted on the foyer wall just outside these doors.

Don't miss our coyote friend hiding in the woods.

The Media Center painting is approximately 6000 square feet in
surface area, minus a multitude of doors, windows, fire alarms,
electrical outlets, signage, book shelves, and televisions!
(fun to paint around!)

Welcome to our TREE HOUSE!
Wouldn't you like to climb that
rope ladder with your favorite book!
From the porch of that tree house, you could spot lots of critters!

Another Woodward Mill Cub...just hanging around!
The Fire Pull doubles as a "See Rock City" bird house.

You can almost hear the cascading waters of the waterfall!
This lives in the back corner of the library, and can be seen
from the entrance on the far side of the massive room.
If you're ever in the area, feel free to stop by for a look.
The staff at Woodward Mill is wonderful, and they'll
be happy to show you their "home" in the woods!

Please continue to older posts to find the first
half of the Media Center, completed in 2011!

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