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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Riverside Elementary Memorial Mural

 This Mural was painted in memory of Brandon, a Riverside Elem. student who passed away. It is in the special needs hallway, and flanks the door that leads to a special reading room at the rear of the Media Center.  It depicts items meant to remind students, faculty, and staff of this remarkable young man.
The rabbit belongs to one of Riverside's staff members, and is a welcome visitor in the special needs department!
 This is Brandon Bear. The actual build-a-bear serves as a memorial to Brandon in his former classroom.

 Go R.E.S...Riverside Rockets!

The quilt is one which is used in Brandon's former special needs room. The books are some of his, and his family members' favorites.
This is Corduroy! He is a favorite in the classroom.

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